Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post show thoughts.

I hope this blog was able to give you an idea of what it was like on the production and that it was at least a little interesting and/or entertaining. Also, I hope the fun we were having was apparent on the screen.

The benefit I have from doing this for awhile is you can recognize when you're on a show that is going to be something special, you can enjoy it - while your in it. Two months into Brave and Bold, I remember saying to another person on the crew, "Enjoy this. Know you're having a great time now, instead of looking back on this time and wishing you realized what a great time it was". It was a tough gig, but one of the best ones I ever had and I think the rest of the crew pretty much feels the same way. We were/are all very proud of work that was up there. When people would tell us that they watch our show with their kids and how much it meant to them that they can share the characters they grew up reading with their kids, there was/is no better feeling. One of the things that James Tucker said when we were finished with the show was, "I can't wait to see what kind of shows that the kids who grow up watching our show make" . I just hope by that time, they'll give a broken down old man like me a painting gig.

Anyway, the last line in our final episode is as close as the crew gets to talking directly to our audience (and also to the next crew that is going to make the next Batman cartoon). So with that:

Thanks for letting us in to your living rooms for the last three years!

P.S. - Even though the show has ended, I will post any future updates that may come up about Brave and Bold (DVD releases etc.). Who knows...maybe in a few years we'll make a comeback? Teen Titans did!

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