Sunday, March 6, 2011

B:TB&tB episode 9

B:TB&tB episode 9 "Journey to the Center of the Bat!" directed by Michael Chang.

Nine episodes in, Batman: The Brave and the Bold had already taken the viewers to a couple of islands, a jungle, a couple of alien planets, the under water kingdom of Atlantis, outer space, and the post apocalyptic future. I guess the next most logical step is to take the show inside Batman himself. Once again we are treated to another appearance of Aquaman, but this time he is paired up with the Ryan Choi version of the Atom. I liked this team up and I wish we would have gotten to see these two teamed up more times than we did in the show (oh well, so many characters, so few episodes).

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold" ™Warner Bros. Animation.

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