Sunday, March 27, 2011

B:TB&tB episode 12

It took twelve episodes, but we finally see the Batcave for the first time in episode 12. This was a two part episode that had more than a few Easter eggs in it (including someone donning the original Batman costume and striking the pose from Detective Comics #33). The Brave and Bold's version of the Batcave has a lot of the familiar tropes that we're used to seeing (the mechanical dinosaur, the giant penny, the Batcomputer, etc.), but also gives nods to many different eras of the Batcave. The reactor for example, is a subtle nod to the 1966 television show and we made the railing in the Batcave red like the piping on the George Barris designed Batmobile from that very same show. On the left, we have Batman's mechanic station which we can see a version of the Batmobile from 1944, the B:TAS version up on the lift, and we see only a hint of what looks like the aforementioned Barris designed Batmobile under a tarp (let's say it's not the Barris Batmobile though for sake of legal reasons). Later on in series (season 2) we see another room that has a fleet of Batmobiles from every era you can imagine. Click on the image to see some annotations on this background.

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