Sunday, March 27, 2011

B:TB&tB episode 12

Episode 12 also is also the first time we see Gotham city in The Brave and the Bold. Bruce Timm and crew cast long shadows for anyone else trying to do an animated Batman show after them. Therefore, to avoid comparison, it was important for whenever possible to make sure not to cover the same ground art-wise. The skies in B:TAS were a vivid red. It looked great, but it also meant that we would have to come up with something else. Since Bats costume is mostly blue, we decided on a rusty orange color on the skies so it would be a direct color compliment. We also added the green colored windows to create as close as possible a triadic color scheme. This assured that Bats would look good no matter where he was in Gotham. As far as how the bat signal looks in the sky, we went in a little different direction than how the bat signal is usually done. Usually, the bat part of the signal is just the part of the sky that is not hit with light (and that's how I originally did it). James looked at it and thought it would be cooler if we did the bat signal more like how it was in the closing credits of the 1966 television show, so I added the black bat. It doesn't make sense if you think about it, but then again, that's the type of show B:TB&tB is. Don't get too weighed down with logic, let's just have some fun.

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