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B:TB&tB episode 7

B:TB&tB episode 7
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B:TB&tB episode 7  "Dawn of the Dead Man!" directed by Ben Jones.

Easter eggs! Not the garishly painted or chocolate kind that overgrown rabbits bring, but the kind that the B:TB&tB crew leave within an episode.

When the B:TB&tB was first announced as a show that was going to skew to a younger audience, there were a lot of fans already dismissing it as a "kiddy show" before even a frame was shown. Where as our take on Batman was indeed lighter, it didn't mean we didn't have a great affection for the source material. James Tucker and the writers did a great job of offering a show that a kid could watch and at the same time, have something for longtime comic book readers to enjoy. Cameos of obscure characters or (in the case of this episode) details in the backgrounds, were there for the eagle eyed comic aficionado and probably went right by the average kid. With people like James Tucker and Ben Jones working on B:TB&tB, the amount of Easter eggs in the show became more and more frequent as the series progressed. Thankfully both of them had volumes of the DC Archive Editions to cull information from. I remember more than a few times Ben or James handing me one of those books flagged with post-it notes in it. If it was put in the show, it was important that we got the details right.

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