Wednesday, November 2, 2011

B:TB&tB season 2 episode 16

B:TB&tB season 2 episode 16 "The Last Patrol!" Directed by Ben Jones.

Ben Jones is not only a fan of the original Doom Patrol, but also huge fan of Grant Morrison's run. So wherever possible, we snuck in references to Grant's run on Doom Patrol. If you look closely during the Paris scene, you can see "The Painting That Ate Paris" in the background.

One of the other places we were able to squeeze Morrison references were for the posters in carnival scene. Not all of these made the final cut of the show in the versions shown here however (mainly for legal reasons). The words "Flex Mentallo" were removed from his poster (I believe due to a now resolved legal dispute between DC and the family of Charles Atlas) and the poster for "The Austounding Clockwork Man" had to be removed altogether from the episode.

There were also plenty of Easter Eggs for fans of the original Doom Patrol series in the episode as well (such as a montage depicting recreations of vintage Doom Patrol covers).

Click on the image to see annotations.

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  1. What's "The Clockwork Man" from? Is he another Morrison creation?

  2. Clockwork Man was in the Morrison run, but I'm not sure if he created him or not. I don't know why we weren't allowed to use him and why he got cut from the show. I'll have ask Ben Jones (the director of the episode) if he remembers why.